Prime Produce is a guild for social good, where we practice the craft of intentionally serving others through our work. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and a membership cooperative. We are an intentional community for work.
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Welcome to 424 w 54 Street

A Cooperative Mission

The Prime Produce Apprentice Cooperative operates 424 w 54 Street as a legally incorporated and wholeheartedly organized co-op supporting entrepreneurs, educators, and artists who share values of service and hospitality. Here, we work to design experiences, build companies and organizations, practice our crafts, cultivate relationships, and grow as people. 

Read below to learn more about the prime produce co-op and hear what drives some of our members.



Event Services

Host your next event in our creative and dynamic environment. Prime produce hosts can help you or your events team craft an experience to support your event goals. Our hosting team has experience working with corporate, nonprofit, and community based clients needing a plug-and-play venue covering all logistics, as well as, partnering with clients who want to co-create something special from the ground-up. Browse some event examples below, and if you think we might be a good fit for your style and objectives, fill out our event form to share more about what you have in mind.

Meet Some of our Co-op members

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Join Our Co-op

Residency Program

Our Residency program is ideal for those who are interested in pursuing cooperative membership in the future or who can commit only to a short-term stay in our co-op. Residents enjoy most of the same access privileges as members. For example, Residents can access the space 24-7 to work on their own projects, and can organize events at the space with a Member serving as the event host.  

Residents also enjoy the option to participate in Member-led events and initiatives. Residents are expected to uphold our community values and contribute to the stewardship of our Guild (but with fewer responsibilities than Members). This is a place where we value both making beautiful messes and leaving our shared home cleaner than we found it.

Residency requires a commitment of 3 months with monthly dues of $300/month. If you’re interested, please fill out this application so we can follow up for an informal interview. Your application will be approved with the sponsorship of a single cooperative Member or Resident.


Are you looking for a creative and collaborative space and community to call home? The prime produce co-op offers a beautifully renovated multi-use space that includes a cafe and pop-up storefront, large event space, tranquil meditation room, open collaboratory workspace, art studio, and small rooftop farm.

We believe that time, practice, repetition, and communication are the foundations for a diverse, inclusive, supportive, and ethical community. We are structured as a membership cooperative because we share the core values of self-governance, transparency, accountability, agency, and trust. We’re interested in being in each others’ company, and in failing, learning, and growing together.

Cooperative members currently contribute annual dues of $4500 per year ($375/month) and collectively steward every facet of our co-op’s facilities and programming. Because of the personal and intimate nature of this intentional community for work, new members are formally invited to join the cooperative only after being sponsored by two current members. Is this your first time hearing about us? A great way to begin your relationship with us is by reaching out to host an event or by applying to our Residency Program.



We enjoy Designing & hosting Events

We specialize in Group ideation and collaborative workshops, but we do a few other things…



Collaboration does not happen when we glue egos together. It happens when we access the value trapped between our individual ideas and talents. Immerse your team in a dynamic environment that can challenge them to reach new levels of collaboration or provide a pre-set space for them to reflect, reset, and reengage with the deeper why driving their performance and teamwork. Our hosts can actively add value to your corporate or group offsite or fade into the background and ensure that you have everything you need to execute on your vision.

Learning Labs

Learning labs bring groups of unlike minds together to sync their expertise and update their knowledge base. These labs can take the form of familiar events, ie: panels or fireside chats, with subtle interactive elements that ensure your guests stay alert and engaged. We do not take our opportunities to learn for granted and our hosting team can enhance your ability to deliver meaningful content that will stick.


When the best way to adopt a new skill, trade, or framework is to walk in the company of an expert, and not have to worry about the infrastructure. We are happy to host your next workshop, class, demonstration, or educational event.

art Exhibitions

Use our street accessible space as a container to present your artistic vision. Our ground floor comes equipped with a theatrical grid that is ready for any lighting or sound equipment you or your group would like to bring for the occasion. We can work with you to make the space a venue to generate dialogue around your fine art or performance art. Canvases, sculptures, poetry slams, comedy shows, dance performances are welcome. Our goal: to give you an affordable option in the heart of Manhattan to share your talents and lift up the talents of others.

Neighborhood Meetups

Want to gather friends, but your Hell's Kitchen apartment is too small? Let us know if you're in the neighborhood and hankering to organize a large community dinner, game night, movie night, or anything else you can imagine. We want to connect with and cultivate our neighborhood and will do our best to make our space as welcoming as we can to your imagination made real.


We have been hosting monthly salon dinners monthly since the Winter of 2013. Many of these have taken place upstate and out of the city. We love it when we can bring our salon style conversations over homemade and heart-filled meals to our Hell's Kitchen address. Sign up for our newsletter to join a future dinner. Let us know if you'd like to host one of your own.


Multi-Day Retreats + Pop-ups

All of the above event types and any others you would like to propose to the co-op can take place during one or over multiple days. If you're organizing a multi-day experience, learning lab, workshop, or salon series, we ask that you reach out to us at least one month in advance to maximize your chances to reserve calendar dates.

Click below to share more about your event and connect with someone from the co-op who can share more info about availability and rates.
— a prime mate
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Would you like to join our mailing list? Schedule a visit? Or inquire about how to join the co-op as a full time member? Please fill in the below form and a prime-mate will be in contact shortly.